Hantek Released New Series at HK Fair

We had a successful show and released our new series at HK Fair held from 13rd Oct. to 16th Oct. New products include Isolated Channels Handheld Oscilloscope, Benchtop Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 4CH Benchtop MSO etc., which gained applause and interest from visitors.


New Products

Isolated Channels Handheld Oscilloscope

  DSO1000S Series




l   Isolated level: 1000V CATII, 600V CATIII.

l   High Bandwidth 60MHz-200MHz Oscilloscope, 1GSa/s sample rate, and 6000 Counts DMM with analog bargraph.

l   2M Memory Depth.

l   High Refresh Rate (2500 frames).

l   Large 5.6 inch color LCD display with high resolution (640*480).

l   Square wave output (2V, 1KHz) for probe adjustment.

l   USB Host/Device 2.0 full-speed interface, LAN option.

l   Video Help function with built-in 2GB flash memory card.

Benchtop Arbitrary Waveform Generator




l   16bits resolution, 250Msa/s sample rate.

l   2 channels, 100MHz, 80MHz, 50MHz or 30MHz maximum sine output frequency.

l   16 channels digital output, together with the analog channel can rebuild the more mixed signals in daily practice.

l   64 Mpts Max. arbitrary waveform memory depth.

l   Support AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK, PSK and PWM modulations.

l   TCXO timebase standard, OCXO optional for ultra-high stability.

l   7 inches,16Mtrue color TFT LCD, WVGA (800x480).

l   Plenty of interfaces: USB Host, USB Device, LAN.



DSO5074F/DSO5000E Series


l   4CH Oscilloscope, 8CH Logic Analyzer, and 1CH Arbitrary Generator,12 bits Data generator,and frenquency counter.

l   Oscilloscope: 60MHz-300MHz bandwidth, 1GSa/s to 2GSa/s real time sample rate.

l   Generator: 25MHz,200MDDS.

l   Large (7.0 inch) color display, WVGA (800x480).

l   USB host and device connectivity.

l   Multiple automatic measurements.

l   Video Help function with built-in 2GB flash memory card.

l   Provide software for PC real-time analysis.